I. Figures


Total Number of Arrivals Since the Beginning of the Conflict:                73,091

(note, this figure assumes that the caseload of 9,000 that arrived during

the months of February, March, and April, have not yet returned)


Estimated number of returnees approximately                                              9,812


Estimated Total remaining                                                                                  64,179


II. Overall Situation


Return to fYROm continued on Monday 9 July, but people without anything else but a valid passport were still not allowed access to fYROM and turned back at the border.


The majority of the returnees were  only returning to Skopje and surroundings.  A minimal number of 20 people returned to Kumanovo town but no one has been reported returning to those villages that were affected during the heavy fighting before ( around Kumanovo and Tetovo town).


At Jazince/Globocica border crossing 11 new arrivals were registered. In addition 11  people returned to Tetovo town. The number of returnees has been extremely low which can be attributed to the tense situation in the area.


Kacanik transit center: 3 families approached the center to request housing.


Return and arrivals over unoffical border crossings


In Prizren AOR over the past days several families were spotted trying to return to fYROM over the mountains.  KFOR in Monday’s press briefing expressed their concern about these “illegal” crosser as they allegedly make it more difficult for KFOR to continue their operations that target smugglers and criminals. In Prizren  region KFOR did not allow the families to cross the unofficial borders back to Vesale village, and turned them back to Kosovo.


At the same time across the mountains, four new arrivals from Vesale village had been reported arriving (for medical reasons) and one man from Shipkovia. All were housed with host families in the area.


The field office in Prizren assumes that return from the unofficial borders will be an increasing trend in that particular region. KFOR is implementing UNMIK’s regulation and not allowing people to return from the mountain paths. The field office was planning to have a meeting with  the KFOR MNB (South) Deputy Commander and request them to establish one official crossing point.


UNHCR Kosovo 10 July