Estimate of number of people who have left their homes in fYROM since March 2001


Situation as of 10 July 2001




Since February



(since 30 June)













FRY (Serbia, Montenegro)












Bosnia and Herzegovina













*          The Red Cross movement is undertaking a revalidation exercise during the month of July, primarily linked to the monthly food distribution, and this figure may drop substantially (up to 30% to 40%) due to secondary movement of IDPs out of the country.

**         Figures since May 2001. The 4, 621 arrivals registered during March and April are not included as most of these persons returned to fYROM.

***       This number reflects the balance between the number of persons entering and leaving Turkey since 1 June 2001.


The trend on return movements continued. The number of daily returns, however, has decreased from a pick of 1,245 persons on 7 July to less than five hundred returns on Tuesday 10 July. The total number of those who have returned since the end of June exceeds now 10,000. The total number of arrivals since February is 73,113. Taking into account the number of persons who have returned, the number of those remaining is estimated at 62,764. It must be borne in mind that given the current situation, de-registration of returnees will take some time to be properly recorded. The current numbers are estimated based on counting at the border.


The majority of the returnees came from Skopje and its suburbs. A few returnees were reportedly going back to Kumanovo town but no return to those villages that were affected by heavy fighting were reported as yet. At Jazince/Globocica border crossing 11 new arrivals were registered. In addition 11 people returned to Tetovo town. The low number of returnees can be attributed to the tense situation in the area.


In Prizren region, over the past couple of days, it has been observed that a number of people have started returning using unofficial border crossings into fYROM. An estimated 200 persons returned to Bozovce and another 200-300 persons returned to Veshalla. KFOR is concerned that these crossings make it more difficult to continue their operations targeting smugglers and criminals that use similar routes. Some families were actually prevented from using these unofficial borders back to the villages in fYROM just across the border.


As of 10 July, the Macedonian Red Cross (MRC) reported the registration of a total of 36,182 persons displaced as a result of the conflict starting in February 2001. The number of displaced persons lodged in collective centres and hotels has increased to 1,341 but the large majority of them stays with host families.


In Turkey the trend of increased return is also apparent with the number of returns exceeding the number of arrivals from fYROM. The balance between the cumulative figures of arrivals and departures since 1 June 2001 stands at 4,536 (12,087 arrivals and 7, 551 departures).


No significant change was reported in Albania, Bulgaria or Croatia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina no significant increase in the arrival of fYROM nationals was reported. In the last week, 10 fYROM nationals approached UNHCR’s office seeking asylum and/or assistance. In addition, UNHCR informed 127 fYROM nationals of the asylum procedures. Those arriving to Bosnia and Herzegovina entered via Montenegro or trough the main border crossings with Serbia proper. Interest in return was also noted in Bosnia with 6 fYROM nationals approaching the Field Office in Bihac to ask for assistance to return. All of them, including those residing in asylum centres have relatives or friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The number of fYROM arrivals at the border in southern Serbia has also decreased. A number of persons have been keen to return to Lojane through the informal border crossing of Miratovac. Figures in Sandzak remain at around 2,000.





11 July 2001