Estimate of number of people who have left their homes in fYROM since March 2001


Situation as of 2 July 2001




Since February 2001










FRY (Serbia, Montenegro)









Bosnia and Herzegovina










*          Registered with the Macedonian Red Cross

**         Figures since May 2001. The 4, 621 arrivals registered during March and April are not included as most of these persons returned to fYROM.

***       This number reflects the balance between the number of persons entering and leaving Turkey since 1 June 2001.


The situation in Kosovo has calmed down in relation to last week. After reaching a record number of 8 383 arrivals on 24 June (over 25,000 new arrivals in ten days since the 22nd of June), the number of persons coming into Kosovo decreased considerably and returns began to take place, particularly over the weekend. The accumulated number of those returning reached on Sunday between 2,500 and 3,000 persons. Most of them were returning to Skopje town, motivated by the latest cease-fire anxious to assess the situation of their homes and properties. On Sunday some of the returnees without passports faced difficulties with the border police although in possession of a photo-ID. Apparently, there were some persons who were even refused re-entry into fYROM but most managed to re-enter fYROM although some did so against payment. UNHCR is closely monitoring the return movement.


The estimated number of arrivals in Kosovo since May is 64 818 (73,818 since February). After deducing the number of those returning to fYROM, there remain in Kosovo around 61,000 persons from fYROM.


While welcoming these returns, UNHCR remains cautious and continues to closely following the situation inside fYROM. It has been previously experienced that one incident can instantly trigger a large-scale movement out of fYROM.


As of 1st July, the Macedonian Red Cross (MRC) reported the registration of a total of 34,944 persons displaced as a result of the conflict starting in February 2001. 926 persons remain lodged in six collective centres, while the large majority stays with host families. The persons displaced include both ethnic Albanians and ethnic Macedonians. The majority of the displaced persons are staying with host families but over nine hundred of them are in collective centres. Agencies estimate that many of the registered IDPs have crossed into Kosovo in the past days. An adjustment in the figures provided is expected after a second distribution of assistance at the end of June. 


In Turkey the number of arrivals from fYROM on 28 June (the latest figure available) was 294 persons (135 departures). The resulting balance brings the number to 5 017. A few of these arrivals have expressed their intention to submit a claim for asylum.


No special changes were reported in Bulgaria or Croatia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina a group of close to 100 persons (Muslims/Bonsiaks) from fYROM approached UNHCR enquiring on the way to regularise their stay after their 3-month entry with no visa requirement expires. They were informed of the asylum procedures and the protection letters issued by UNHCR for those who apply.





2 July 2001