By mail registration guide for citizens

of Bosnia and Herzegovina living abroad


How to register by mail:

Every citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) living abroad who wants to vote in the General BiH elections has to register with the OSCE. A BiH citizen living abroad may register to vote only for her/his place of residence during the 1991 Census or between the Census and 6 April 1992.

Out of country voter registration is entirely conducted by-mail.

In order to register each new applicant first has to fill in a voter registration form, enclose a photocopy of a valid ID document with a photograph and mail/fax both to the OSCE’s Out of Country Voting Branch (OCV) by 31 May 2000.

Deadline for new registrants: 31 May 2000

Applications received after 31 May 2000 will not be considered for the General Elections!

Where you may get a registration form:

  1. At the Embassies and Consulates of BiH
  2. At the offices of international, governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with refugees and migration issues
  3. At the meeting points of the BiH community
  4. In newspapers and periodicals targeting BiH citizens
  5. On the OSCE Mission to BiH web site:

Who can register to vote with the OSCE-OCV in the General Elections:

According to the PEC Rules and Regulations, in order to be eligible to vote by-mail an applicant shall meet 4 requirements. To vote by mail a voter must:

  1. have attained the age of 18 years by Election Day in order to cast a ballot. Younger people may submit an application that will be considered for future elections

2) be a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina as confirmed by the inclusion of the person's name in the 1991 Census, or in the birth records of a municipality within the territory of BiH

  1. have been a resident of a municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1991 Census or between the Census and 6 April 1992
  2. have registered as a voter

Every citizen of BiH who lived in BiH at the time of the 1991 Census or at the time between the Census and 6 April 1992 can register for the General Elections. To prove her/his residence in BiH at that time, the applicant should attach a residency receipt to her/his application for registration.

Who must up-date a previous registration with the OSCE-OCV:





Where to submit the application:

Mail Box: OSCE-OCV OCV Fax number: 00387-71-292 414/415

OF 529

1041 Vienna


The completed registration form with a photocopy of a proper ID document with a photograph (see list overleaf) must be received at the Out of Country Voting (OCV) Branch by 31 May 2000!

Applicants should consider the needed mailing time to deliver their application from their current place of residence to the mailbox in Vienna/ Austria.

What happens after the application for registration is received by the OCV Branch:

All new applications for registration received by 31 May 2000 will be processed at the Out of Country Voting By-mail Co-ordination Centre in Sarajevo. Each applicant who is found eligible to vote will be mailed a registration receipt to the address indicated on the registration form and advised of her or his status. This registration receipt must be kept and sent back with the ballot.

Every applicant living abroad also has the option to register with the Out of Country Voting Branch as an in-country voter who will vote in person at a designated polling station on Election Day.

Out of country voters who will return to BiH prior to Election Day must visit a Voter Registration Centre mainly located in the municipality building in order to transfer their registration to the in-country voter register. To facilitate the process, they should bring their OSCE-OCV registration receipt.

For more information please contact the Out of Country Voting Branch:

Help-Line: 00387-71-292 405/407

Monday-Saturday; 8 a.m. — 8 p.m. CET




Identification documents:

In order to register, each applicant must prove her/his identity. Therefore it is mandatory to attach a copy (do not send originals) of one of the following documents containing a photograph to the registration form:

1) Identification card

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License
  3. Military ID
  4. Valid identification document issued by a host country

6) Refugee card issued by a host country or other international organisation

! Documents1-4 are acceptable if they were issued by authorities in BiH, BiH Federation, Republika Srpska, or the former Yugoslavia.

! Documents issued by Herceg-Bosnia or Republic of BiH authorities are acceptable ONLY IF ISSUED before 14 October 1997.


New applications missing a copy of a proper ID document containing a photograph will not be processed!