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>                            PRESS RELEASE
>                       TRAFFICKING DECLARATION"
> Palermo, 13 December 2000 ¯ An "Anti-Trafficking Declaration"
> was signed today by Government Ministers from the countries of
> the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, recognizing the
> "pressing and growing importance" of the problem of trafficking in
> human beings in the region and launching regional action and co-
> operation.
> "Today we have taken another significant step in the fight against
> trafficking in human beings in Europe," said Minister Helga Konrad,
> Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact's Task Force on Trafficking in
> Human Beings. "The agreement to create national anti-trafficking
> co-ordinators in these countries will enable national and
> international resources to be targeted far more effectively in
> combating this highly organized and lucrative crime."
> As a concrete measure to step up the fight against trafficking in
> human beings in South-Eastern Europe, the Ministers agreed to
> nominate high-level co-ordinators who will be tasked with co-
> ordinating national and regional activities, exchanging information
> at a regional level, and follow up on Ministerial decisions.  The co-
> ordinators will prepare progress reports and suggest further action
> to combat trafficking.  The Ministers agreed to meet regularly once
> every year to review the progress in the field of combating
> trafficking and to give political guidance.
> In the Declaration, the Ministers recognized trafficking as a human
> rights problem and agreed to address the issue in a regional and
> co-operative way.  They acknowledged the responsibility of the
> States to fight against trafficking by implementing effective
> programmes of prevention, victim protection, legislative reform, law
> enforcement training and prosecution of traffickers.  The Ministers
> also expressed the need for enhanced awareness raising and
> training programmes for border officials, police, judges,
> prosecutors, and consular personnel. 
> The Declaration was signed on the margins of the UN Conference
> on the signing of the International Crime Convention and its
> Optional Protocol on Trafficking in Human Beings by Ministers from
> Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the former
> Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia,
> Turkey, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and representatives
> from Kosovo and Montenegro.
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