Subject: AI Press Release on the EU proposals to combat terrorism, the

EU arrestwarrant and the surrender procedures



Press Release from Amnesty International EU Office

   Brussels, 20 September, 2001


   Amnesty International welcomes EU efforts to combat impunity


   As EU Justice and Homes Affairs Ministers gather in Brussels today for

   their extraordinary council meeting, following the attacks in the US

   last week, Amnesty International has expressed its support for the EU's

   determination to combat impunity. However, the human rights organization

   has called for explicit assurances that any measure to tighten security

   will not undermine civil liberties and the right of refugees to



   The measures adopted yesterday by the Commission to strengthen judicial

   cooperation in criminal matters, include the European arrest warrant and

   the surrender procedures between the member states. Amnesty

   International welcomes the facilitation of extradition for certain

   offences, such as crimes against humanity and torture.


   "Amnesty International would support the extradition of anyone accused

   of involvement in these crimes to a country in which they will be

   brought to justice in trials which uphold internationally recognized

   rights of fair trail and in which the penalties for those convicted do

   not involve the death penalty, torture, or other forms of cruel, inhuman

   or degrading treatment or punishment", said Dick Oosting, Director of

   Amnesty International's EU Office.


   Amnesty International recommends that such safeguards be explicitly

   stated, to ensure they apply to all current and future EU member states,

   as well as to any other state with whom the EU may wish to undertake

   agreements in this regard.



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