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1. United Nations


UN Commission on Human Rights


The fifty-eighth session of the UN Commission on Human Rights will be held from 18 March to 26 April 2002 in Geneva.

Info for NGOs on the upcoming UNCHR is available at:


A comprehensive overview of UN reports and documents related to the UNCHR is available at http://www.december18.net/UN.htm

We recently opened a UNCHR 2002 page. To-date, it includes under Item 14 ˝ Specific Group and Individuals, Migrant Workers:

- A written statement by Human Rights Advocates, US. The statement focuses on the right to life of migrants on the borders of nations and the right to health of migrants and their exposure to pesticides. We also added a link to a general report on the 57th Session of the UNCHR.

- A written statement by the International Catholic Migration Commission, Switzerland. The statement focuses on the coming into force of the Migrants Workers Convention, Mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, rights of undocumented and of trafficked persons.

The follow-up of the World Conference against Racism is discussed under Item 6.


UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women ˝ the UN monitoring body for the implementation of the Convention against such discrimination -- started its organizational meeting on January 14th. The meeting will last until 1 February and will examine reports of eight States parties -- Fiji, Iceland, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Uruguay, Russian Federation and Sri Lanka.


Other UN news: The UN announced that it is creating a new European based unit for Internally Displaced Persons. For more information, see:

http://www.europaworld.org/issue64/uncreates11102.htm. To find out more about Internally Displaced Persons, see: http://www.unhcr.ch/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/home


Ms. Sandra Arag█n is the newly appointed NGO liaison officer within the  Anti-Discrimination Unit at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. She is taking over from Ms. Wiseberg and Mr. Fenniche. The Unit was constituted to follow up and implement the Declaration and Programme of Action adopted at the Durban Conference. Tel (41 22) 917 93 93 - Fax (41 22) 917 90 50 ˝ E-mail: saragon.hchr@unog.ch






2.  EU


12/2001 - UNHRC's overview from January to December 2001 on EU asylum, migration and other related matters, see:  http://www.december18.net/instrumentsregion.htm#one


18/12/2002 - The European monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia has published its third report on developments in racism, xenophobia and Anti-Semitism in the EU Member States. The Annual Report 2000 was presented to the public in Brussels on the 18 December 2001 and can be downloaded from http://www.eumc.at/publications/ar00/index.htm. The EU Annual Report on Human Rights for 2000-2001 is available at: http://ue.eu.int/pesc/human_rights/en/HR2001EN.pdf.


01/01/2002 ˝ Spanish EU Presidency, see: http://www.ue2002.es.

The Spanish PresidencyÝs priorities  in the area of asylum and migration can be found at



4-6/04/2002 ˝ An ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Ministerial Meeting on migratory flows will be held in Lanzarotes. More information about ASEM can be found at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/external_relations/asem/intro/


16-17/09/2002 ˝ The 7th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Migration Affairs  will be held in Helsinki, Finland.  The theme of the Conference is ýEvaluation of the situation in the field of migrationţ;  with as sub-themes:  Developments in the policies for the integration of immigrants, and, Trends in migration management strategies. The invitation list (including multilateral and non-governmental organizations) can be viewed at: http://cm.coe.int/dec/2001/759/15.htm (under point D.).




3. Conferences, Manifestations and Courses


For more and for details, see our international calendar at :



18-19/01/2002 - Migration, Refugees and Humanitarian Protection in Europe and the Mediterranean Area, Trieste, Italy.

19/01/2002 - National Demonstration for Migrant's Rights and against the Bossi-Fini Law, Roma, Italy.

20-21/01/2002 - Migrant Domestic Workers - Acting Together, RESPECT, UK

22 /01/2002 - Gender and migration, San Diego, California, USA.

24-27/01/2002 - Migration and religious experience in the context of globalization, Mexico.

28-30/01/2002 - Second World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

1-2/02/2002 ˝ For a successful non-discrimination policy in school : an European approach on equal opportunities for youngsters, Brussels, Belgium.

1-3/02/2002 - Labour Rights and Residence Permits for Migrant Domestic Workers, Germany

3/02/2002 - Anti-Wage Cut Rallies, Hong Kong

5/02/2002 - Conference on Small Refugee Housing Associations, UK

12/02/2002 - Economic and Political Migrants and Asylum Seekers, Coventry , UK.

15-16/02/2002 - Strategizing to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children, Bangladesh.

15-18/02/2002 - US-Mexico border : Militarisation at Our Borders.

18-28/02/2002  - Workshop On Gender And Development, Thailand.

8/03/2002 - Roma Nation Day

8-9/03/2002 ˝ Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants,  GA, The Netherlands

10/03/2002 ˝ National Demonstration for MigrantsÝ and Refugee Rights, Brussels, Belgium






4. Jobs


PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, Brussels, Belgium) is hiring a temporary fulltime researcher and halftime administrative assistant. Deadline: 04/02/2002. For information, please contact Nele Verbruggen, info@picum.org.




5. Update of www.december18.net


The site is again available at  www.december18.net.  An automatic link will be posted onto the www.december18.org domain to the .net one. All links other than to the homepage should be going to the .net site. The december18.net and .org e-mail addresses will be maintained. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Papers and articles (English)

If walls could speak, Israel

The Target: 1.000 Deportees a month, Israel

AIDS devastates SwazilandÝs workforce, Need of foreign migrant workers

The Legal Framework of Migration in Greece, the 2001 ýLaw on Aliensţ, and its section 54

Filipinas end up as fun girls in South Korea

Part 2: Government toothless in war against sex traffic

Part 3: Slow going for law against human trafficking

The right to suffrage for overseas working Filipinos

IMP Seminar for West Africa, Trends in Labour Migration, Standards and Policies with relevance to West Africa

Economic racism legalized in UK

UNDP Asia: HIV Vulnerability and Migration: A South Asian Perspective

Migration, Diversity and Integration, The evolving role of International Law

Gender and Transnational Migration

Consequences of the Forced Mass Repatriation of Migrant Communities: Cases from West Africa and the Middle East


Newsletter of the Asia Pacific Migration Research Network, Oct-Nov.2001

Main topics are: Braindrain from S.Asia/Philippine Migration Data Bank/MV Tampa/Trafficking in SE Asia Migration News from New Zealand


Papers and articles (French)

Le droit dÝ═tre lř, dÝaller et de venir, partout!

Quelques r╚ponses belge et europ╚ennes ř la question migratoire

Int╚gration scolaire des enfants migrants

Migration, genre et prostitution

La servitude pour dette : lÝesclavage sur tous les continents

Les bateyes, Situation en R╚publique Dominicaine

ADRI France : Hommes et Migrations

ADRI France : De la r╚gularisation ř lÝint╚gration

OIM : Migration et VIH, Sida en Europe

UNFPA : Urbanisation et migration

C.I. de France : Egalit╚ sans fronti╦re : Les immigr╚s ne sont pas une marchandise

C.I. de France : Migration et D╚veloppement

NA - CMR : Partir travailler loin de chez soi : migration et discrimination

NA ˝ CMR : Dimension raciale de la traite des personnes, en particulier des femmes et des enfants

EUROMED : Les R╚fugi╚s Palestiniens en Jordanie et au Liban

CF Canada : Le Canada et le mariage de Philippines par correspondance 

CF Canada : Les travailleuses migrantes du sexe originaires dÝEurope et de lÝancienne Union Sovi╚tique



Papers and Articles (Spanish)

Inmigraci█n en EspaĎa


Urgent actions (English)

Stop the Chinese-Israel migrant workers scam!


Human Trafficking (English and Spanish)

Trafficking of Humans, Information Note by the High Commissioner on Human Rights, December 2001 (PDF) (English)


Campaigns (English, French and Spanish)

Foreigners' right to family life


Press Releases December  2001 ˝ January 2002 (English)

UFCW Canada wins agricultural workers Charter challenge at Supreme Court of Canada

Migrants slam PM Koizumi for miseries of OFWs in Japan

Migrant Workers in Korea, Abolish the Exploitative Trainee System and Ratify the Convention


Other updates  (English)

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