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MIGRANT.NEWS, 24 January 2002


1. UN Convention for the protection of the human rights of all migrant workers and members of their families


The UN OHCHR informed us that Tajikistan deposited its instrument of ratification with the UN on 8 January 2002. This brings the total number of ratifications to 18 out to the 20 needed to enforce the Convention. An updated list of ratifications can be found at:





2.  Endorsement campaign for a Charter of Rights for Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe

The Charter of Rights was developed by Migrant Domestic Workers in a series of workshops organised by RESPECT in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK. Besides reflecting the experiences of migrant domestic workers including the violations of their rights in Europe, the Charter also reflects the demand for recognition of "domestic" work as "proper" work. More information about the Charter and to endorse it online, please go to http://www.december18.net/campaigncharter.htm



3. Crisis involving Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia


Press releases received from Tenaganita:

Address root causes in order to seek solutions to problems related to Migrant Workers.


Tenaganita supports the move to educate foreign workers on culture and lifestyle.



The following articles were received from The Consortium for the Defence of Indonesian Migrant Workers (Kopbumi) :

Migrant workers woes, Jakarta, Indonesia, 24/01/2002

Police abuse cause of violence: Jakarta lobby group, 24/01/2002, see at:






4. International Calendar http://www.december18.net/calendar.htm


1-2/02/02 : Pour une politique rČussie de non-discrimination dans l'enseignement: un point de vue europČen sur l'ČgalitČ des chances pour tous les jeunes (For a succesfull non-dicrimination policy in school : an European approach on equal opportunities for youngsters), European symposium, Brussels, Belgium, in French and Dutch. Themes : Non-discrimination policy in schools. Intercultural teaching : directives for a thematic approach. Organized by Ecole Sans Racisme/Scholen Zonder Racisme.



1-2/02/02: A Common EU Immigration Policy: Dream or Reality?, Brussels, Belgium. Organized by The European Network Against Racism (ENAR).


1-3/02/02: Labour Rights and Residence Permits for Migrant Domestic Workers - How to Achieve Them?,  2nd Conference for migrant domestic workers and organisations working with them in Berlin, Germany. Themes: exchange experiences about working in private households, debate about political demands, legalisation of migrants without residence, how can we make employers accept labour rights of domestic workers. Organised by RESPECT Germany.


3/02/02: Anti-Wage Cut Rallies in HK : Victory or Indignation Rally and Program, Chater Road, Hong Kong.


5/02/02: Conference on Small Refugee Housing Associations , Free conference/information day on small unregistered refugee housing associations in London. Organized by HACT (the Housing Associations' Charitable Trust).


12/02/02: Economic and Political Migrants and Asylum Seekers, public lecture, Coventry , UK. Organised by Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, Warwick University, Coventry, UK.


15-16/02/02: Strategizing to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children, Dhaka, Bangladesh organised by the Centre for Women and Children Studies .


15-18/02/02: US-Mexico border : Militarization at Our Borders.


18-28/02/02: International Training Workshop On Gender And Development, Bangkok, Thailand. Organised by WARI (Women's Action and Resource Initiative).


21-24/02/02: Local/Global Relations in the Asia Pacific Region - East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.


22-24/02/02: International conference against deregulation and for labour rights for All, Berlin, Germany.


25/02-15/03/02: Human rights and peoples' Diplomacy 12th annual Training for Human Rights defenders from the Asia-Pacific region, Sri Lanka.


4-22/03/02: UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) , Geneva, Switzerland.


8/03/02: International Womenís Day


8/03/02: Roma Nation Day, World-Wide Action Day to draw attention to the emerging Roma Nation.


8-9/03/02: PICUM General Assembly,  Oirschot, The Netherlands.


8-9/03/02: Borderlines : Migrant Writing and Italian Identities (1870-2000), University  of  Warwick, Coventry, UK.


9/03/02: 5th Annual March in Solidarity with Women Sweatshop Workers, in honour of International Women's Day (3/8), New York, USA.


10/03/02: Demonstration for equal opportunities, Brussels, Belgium


11-15/03/02: The Legal Situation of Foreigners in France, Paris, France. Organised by GISTI.


18-22/03/02: International Conference on Financing for Development, UN, Mexico.  


18/03-26/04/02: 58th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland.


21/03/02: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination





5. Update http://www.december18.org


Spanish homepage at http://www.december18.net/e-frontpage.htm

- United Nations: International Instruments

- We also posted the 66th edition of  ëEnlace informativo Sin Fronterasí, Enero 2002. It provides migration and human rights information about the Mexico and the region. See at: http://www.december18.net/e-SFboletin.pdf (PDF document)

- Articles and papers: ëRacismo economicaí, legalizado en el Reino Unido, Enero 2002


Dutch homepage at http://www.december18.net/d-frontpage.htm

Articles and papers: Europa en vreemdelingwetten : Migratie aan banden / Gezinshereniging in Nederland


Articles and papers (English) at http://www.december18.net/papers.htm

Migrant workers woes, Jakarta, Indonesia, 24/01/2002

Police abuse cause of violence: Jakarta lobby group, Malaysia, 24/01/2002

Donít let immigration be a victim of terror, 15/11/2001


New publications (English) at http://www.december18.net/publications.htm

A TUC Guide on Migrant Workers, UK, 21/01/2002





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