On the Phenomenon of Racism in the new EU Member States

25 - 26 February 2005



European Youth Centre Budapest



Dear colleagues and friends,


We cordially invite you to the ENAR Conference on the Phenomenon of Racism in the new EU Member States, on 25 26 February 2005 in Budapest.


With the recent enlargement, the European Union grew from 15 to 25 member states. This is an enormous step, not only in terms of population, finances and economy, but also in the context of the fight against racism and discrimination. As enlarging the EU also meant enlarging the ENAR network, ENAR will now have to face the situations experienced by ethnic minorities in these 10 new EU countries. Roma now constitute the largest ethnic community in the EU. Similar to the old Member States, the situation in each country is specific and specific strategies are required to tackle these issues.

To be able to counter the phenomenon of racism in the new EU Member States from an EU perspective, ENAR and its member organisations must learn how racism manifests itself in these countries. An exchange of information to understand the history, the context and the forms in which racism manifests itself is therefore urgently needed.


By organising this conference, we aim to:

      Learn about the situation of racism in the new EU member countries.

      Listen to the expertise of NGOs based in the new countries and exchange experience.

      Analyse the phenomena and reflect on them within the old and new ENAR membership.

      Start to shape new strategies and policy focuses within the enlarged network.

      Enhance cooperation between East and West.

      Give NGOs from the new EU Member States the opportunity (whether or not they are already members of ENAR) to get to know ENAR as a network.


ENAR will support the costs of participation for two delegates from each new Member State. All conditions and procedures are detailed in the information sheet sent out with this invitation. The registration deadline is 14 February 2005. Additional delegates are most welcome but will have to cover their own expenses.


Please indicate to us as soon as possible if your organisation would be interested in attending.


We encourage all members and partners to disseminate widely the information on this conference through their newsletters, websites, etc. A special conference page will be posted in the coming week on the ENAR website.



With best wishes




Frederik Lottje

ENAR Conference Coordinator